Must Have Maintenance knows the significance of creating an entertaining and secure environment for children to play and learn. Our childcare gardening services in Melbourne are created to make outdoor spaces better giving kids chances for exploration, discovery and enjoyment.

Expert Childcare Gardeners Melbourne Offers

If you’re looking for the best childcare landscaping Melbourne offers, here’s what sets us apart from the rest:


Customised landscaping designs

Our team works together with childcare providers to design outdoor spaces suited to every facility’s needs and preferences. Sensorial gardens, playgrounds which we tailor design to promote learning, development and fun.


Professional plant selection

We carefully choose plants, trees and shrubs that are safe, long-lasting and suitable for daycare settings. All our plantings are designed to be safe for children and non-toxic to make the outdoor environment feel welcoming and secure.


Features child-safe landscaping

As a result of safety considerations this is our concern when designing day-care centre landscapes. Soft surfacing, gentle slopes plus child-friendly aspects assist in reducing danger thus allowing little ones to explore as well as play freely within the compound.


Childcare artificial turf installation

Forget about mud patches or any other issues associated with maintenance after selecting one of our top-notch synthetic grass solutions. Artificial turf is ideal for such setups since it offers an alternative to natural grass which is durable, low maintenance and can be used all year round thus enhancing its beauty.


Sensory play tools

To foster sensory development along with creativity among kids, we have many interactive things including musical playing tools; sensory paths as well as open-air artwork pieces. These make-believe components encourage kids’ playfulness as they discover more about the outdoors from their different ages.

Landscaping for Childcare Centers in Melbourne

Make your interactions with our Melbourne landscaping professionals as valuable as possible. Here are some of the services that we offer

Safety first

Landscaping for the Front Yard

Our staff is knowledgeable about gardens and can transform the entrance to your daycare centre into an attractive space.

Professional Backyard Landscaping

We have many years’ worth of experience which we will use in creating safe outdoor areas where children can run around under supervision by an adult.

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Synthetic Turf Cleaning

Hygiene during outdoor activities is important, especially in childcare facilities therefore we do cleaning for synthetic turfs.

Community centred

Irrigation Systems Installation

Lush healthy landscapes can be achieved through the installation of irrigation systems done by our landscape experts.

Total maintenance

Garden Edging

Precision edging techniques used by us will help improve the look of borders surrounding garden beds at your daycare centre.

Lawn Seeding and Rejuvenation

We can reseed any thin or unkempt patches that have grown on your lawn to make it child-friendly.

Choose Must Have Maintenance as Your Childcare Gardener in Melbourne

Your childcare environment can be improved with the use of Must Have Maintenance’s qualified gardening services in Melbourne.

We are committed to providing secure, exciting and attractive outdoor spaces that will aid children’s learning, playing and development, from designing custom landscapes right up to installing artificial turfs.

Get in touch with us today for a talk on your landscaping needs and see how our experience can help improve your centre.

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