In comparison to a residential property garden, maintaining a commercial garden or lawn takes more time because it requires regular care and maintenance. However, commercial garden maintenance for property owners does not have to be time-consuming and stressful. Property owners can have their commercial gardens and lawns looking consistently crisp and beautiful with our professional and reliable team from Must Have Maintenance in Melbourne!

Complete Commercial Garden Maintenance

Must Have Maintenance provides complete commercial garden maintenance, including lawn mowing and professional leaf blowing, as well as weeding, fertilising, and pest control. With our assistance, you will receive a comprehensive range of commercial gardening services that are tailored to the needs and requirements of your property.

Commercial Garden Maintenance Melbourne

Why Choose Must Have Maintenance

Because there are so many commercial gardening services available today, selecting the best partner for your commercial lawn care can be difficult. However, if you want a commercial garden maintenance brand that prioritises quality and excellence, you can never go wrong with Must Have Maintenance.


Quality Service

We take the quality of our work very seriously at Must Have Maintenance. Our dedication and hard work enable us to provide our clients with the high-quality service they expect and deserve.


Quality Staff

Our clients receive first-rate commercial property maintenance from our team of professional and experienced gardeners.


Quality Reputation

We have continuously achieved the best results in commercial gardening maintenance since we started in 2018. Our brand has since developed a reputation for providing exceptional gardening services and lawn care, making us one of Melbourne’s most reliable service providers of commercial property management.

Gardening in 5 Simple Steps

With these five basic steps, you can enjoy commercial garden maintenance services that meet your needs exactly.

commercial garden maintenance melbourne service

Give us a call and speak with one of our friendly staff members to get your commercial property maintenance started. Our representative will assist you with your needs and make recommendations on how our commercial gardening services can help.

Our team will then come to your property. A garden and lawn assessment that lasts approximately 90 minutes will be performed to determine your commercial lawn care and garden maintenance needs.

Our team will recommend the best commercial garden maintenance strategy for your commercial property.

We’ll carry out the necessary work as scheduled, and work out a payment plan that works for you if necessary.

Maintaining your commercial garden isn’t a one-off job. When you require assistance with our commercial gardening services, you can be confident that we will be available to make suggestions and perform ongoing maintenance.

Our Commercial Gardening Services

Must Have Maintenance can provide you with a wide range of commercial gardening services to take your gardens and lawns to the next level.

Pruning trees, bushes and shrubs

Trees, bushes, and shrubs grow out of their ideal shape over time. As a result, regular pruning services are highly recommended not only to keep your plants in shape but also to ensure their steady growth and robust health.

Hedge trimming

Regular hedge trimming instantly improves the appearance of your commercial lawn and makes it look stunning and tidy. Get professionals at Must Have Maintenance to do the task so that you can be sure to have the best commercial lawn care possible.


Weeding for commercial lawn care is more difficult than it appears. Must Have Maintenance inspects your gardens and lawns carefully to remove unwanted weeds that not only disrupt the healthy growth of your plants but also prevent your landscape from looking its best.

Leaf blowing and vacuuming

To keep your commercial lawns and garden looking fresh and tidy after a thorough commercial garden maintenance, don’t overlook the important step of leaf blowing and vacuuming. Leaf blowing and vacuuming is without a doubt the simplest and quickest hack for achieving that beautifully-maintained commercial lawn look.

Aerating garden beds

Garden plants that are lush and green are an important element of having a beautiful commercial garden. Aerating your plants’ garden beds is an important step in keeping them properly hydrated and ventilated in order to maintain their overall health.

Fertilising and mulching

Fertilisation and mulching are two other important commercial garden maintenance services to improve the health of your plants. Must Have Maintenance prioritises assessing your property first in order to identify the most effective fertiliser for your garden and lawn plants so they can grow healthy and strong.

Disease and Pest Control

Eliminating diseases and pests from your commercial lawn and gardens is crucial for maintaining their health and appearance. While this is an essential step in maintaining a commercial garden, you should only use pre-approved pesticides that are gentle for both your plants and your environment.

Full garden clean up and maintenance

If you want to get the most out of commercial garden maintenance services, we recommend that you take advantage of our full garden clean up. Ensuring a positive commercial lawn care experience, our dedicated and experienced gardeners ensure excellent service at all times.

One Time or Ongoing Maintenance

You have the option of using our commercial property maintenance services only once or having us maintain your property on a regular basis, depending on your preferences and availability.

Commercial Garden Maintenance Melbourne Services

Customised Garden Maintenance

Explore tailored garden maintenance solutions to suit various settings. Whether it’s a corporate landscape or retail complex, our bespoke services ensure a pristine, inviting outdoor environment.

Cafe Garden Maintenance

Enjoy a serene outdoor cafe ambience with meticulous garden upkeep, ensuring a vibrant, inviting space for customers to relax and socialise.

School Garden Maintenance

Foster a conducive learning environment with well-maintained green spaces. Our services promote safety, aesthetics, and an engaging outdoor experience for students.

Body Corporate Garden Maintenance

Uphold the value and appeal of your property with professional garden maintenance, ensuring tidy, attractive communal outdoor areas for residents to enjoy.

Restaurant Garden Maintenance

Enhance the dining ambiance with a well-tended garden. Our maintenance services provide a beautiful, clean outdoor setting for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Strata Garden Maintenance

Preserve a harmonious community living with pristine garden maintenance, upholding the aesthetic standard and providing pleasant outdoor spaces for residents.

Small Office Garden Maintenance

Create a refreshing outdoor escape from the office routine. Our maintenance services ensure a tidy, flourishing garden to relax and rejuvenate during breaks.

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