Ever found yourself wishing you could enjoy your weekends without being tied down by garden maintenance tasks? You’re not alone. But Must Have Maintenance is here to make that wish a reality. We extend a broad range of lawn mowing and garden maintenance to Burnley and nearby areas. Book your service now!

We Want Only the Best for Your Garden in Burnley

No garden is too big or small for us — we are ready to address all your gardening needs with quickness and precision. Our skilled gardeners will come to your property, fully geared to handle a lawn of any size. They’ll expertly mow your lawn, manage all lawn clippings, and perform other essential maintenance tasks.

Melbourne Lawn Care Services

Your Premier Local Gardeners in Burnley

Must Have Maintenance delivers top-notch customer service and ensures your property looks impeccable after we’re done. We’ll schedule our visit at a time convenient for you, and work efficiently and discreetly to reduce any disruption to your daily routine.

Moreover, we’re famous for our competitive pricing structures and we offer discounts for recurring services and pensioners. Below are more reasons our clients appreciate our services:


Exceptional Burnley Gardening Services

Must Have Maintenance has become the go-to provider of lawn maintenance services in Burnley. We always take into account our clients’ preferences, ensuring all gardening chores are executed to the highest standards. We never take shortcuts and value our clients’ business.


Experienced Team

Our professional gardeners are well-equipped to handle any lawn maintenance or garden care service you need. We ensure every gardening task is completed efficiently, while giving meticulous attention to your property. With our team at your service, you can relax knowing your outdoor spaces are well taken care of.


Solid Reputation

Must Have Maintenance has a legacy of consistently delivering superior garden care services. Over the years, our dedication has earned the trust and endorsement of many Burnley residents and businesses.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Must Have Maintenance provides a vast array of garden maintenance and clean-up services to residences in Burnley and throughout Melbourne’s eastern and south-eastern suburbs. Our services include:

garden maintenance

Beyond just mowing, we also offer care services to both commercial and residential properties across Burnley. We are adept at undertaking various gardening tasks essential for maintaining a verdant and lush lawn.

Engage our proficient edge trimming services to craft perfect edges for your garden. With Must Have Maintenance’s expert edge trimming, your garden will retain a neat and well-tended appearance all year round.

Regular pruning of your landscape components offers myriad benefits. This service also encourages quicker growth, leading to a healthy and eye-pleasing garden space.

Our proactive weed management service guarantees that unwanted vegetation is thoroughly removed from your garden. From manual weeding to spraying, we’ll implement the most effective removal methods. Our aim is not just to eradicate weeds, but also to minimise the likelihood of regrowth.

For a complete garden maintenance experience, our leaf blowing and vacuuming service is indispensable. Must Have Maintenance employs top-grade equipment to ensure your garden remains tidy and well-kept post our visit.

Routine aeration of your garden beds and lawns is fundamental for their health. This procedure ensures ample ventilation and hydration for your garden soil, promoting robust growth.

Before administering fertilisers and mulch, our expert gardeners evaluate the health of your garden soil to align it with the most suitable treatments. This step is pivotal for achieving optimum growth and maintaining a lush outdoor space.

Timely removal of debris from your garden is crucial to prevent the spread of diseases and unpleasant odours. Whether it’s post-autumn leaf fall or following a gardening task, a thorough clean-up of your landscape and removal of any waste and debris is essential.

Considering building a garden but uncertain about plant selections or how to create a conducive environment for your flora? Our seasoned gardeners can help manifest your dream garden and devise a management plan that guarantees thriving results.

Tree lopping, especially for overgrown trees up to 6 metres, can be challenging and potentially dangerous without the correct tools and expertise. Our gardeners are proficient in safe and efficient tree lopping, ensuring the well-being of your trees and the safety of your property.

Experience the harmony of visual appeal and nature’s touch with our soft landscaping in Burnley. Our careful selection of plants and design elements crafts a tranquil, attractive outdoor retreat.

Revamp your outdoor space with our Burnley turf installation services. Our specialists guarantee a seamless installation, delivering a beautiful, green foundation for your garden that enhances its overall charm and functionality.

Residential and Commercial Gardens

We furnish a diverse array of lawn maintenance and gardening services in Burnley, delivering premier care for both residential and commercial gardens. For all your gardening, lawn care, and landscape makeover needs, trust our local team of landscape maintenance experts at Must Have Maintenance.

Our Service in 5 Steps

Say goodbye to forfeiting weekends to garden upkeep. Must Have Maintenance is here. Here’s how we make garden maintenance hassle-free in five simple steps.

Give Us a Call

Reach out to our local gardeners in Burnley, and share your property details and the kind of garden care you need. Our representative will guide you on the most suitable garden maintenance services available.

We Assess Your Garden and Landscaping

Our experts will visit your property to assess your landscape. This visit includes a thorough 90-minute lawn assessment to gauge its overall health. Trust us to give you an honest evaluation and to always put your preferences at the forefront.

We'll Devise a Strategy for Your Garden

Based on our evaluation, we’ll suggest the most suitable lawn maintenance solutions. We’ll also develop a tailored lawn care strategy to ensure your garden remains tidy and appealing.

Our Team Gets to Work

Our professional gardeners will commence with the required garden maintenance services. We promise to respect your routine, hence our team will visit your home at your convenient times, allowing you to supervise our work if you please.

We Offer Continuous Maintenance

Post-service, should you have any inquiries regarding the gardening tasks executed, our team is here to assist. Our seasoned gardeners will address all your concerns. You may also opt for our ongoing garden maintenance services to keep your outdoor spaces impeccable year-round.

Residential and Commercial Gardens

We furnish a diverse array of lawn maintenance and gardening services in Burnley, delivering premier care for both residential and commercial gardens. For all your gardening, lawn care, and landscape makeover needs, trust our local team of landscape maintenance experts at Must Have Maintenance.

Residential and Commercial Turf Needs

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