Juggling a hectic life and a thriving garden just got easier. Enter Must Have Maintenance — gardening gurus who bring flair and expertise to your doorstep. Dive into our extensive array of garden upkeep and lawn mowing in Huntingdale. We keep your gardens flourishing, so you could claim back your time and peace of mind.

Must Have Maintenance — Huntingdale’s Gardening Experts

Ready for any gardening challenge in Huntingdale, our team excels in everything from backyard lawn mowing to comprehensive garden care, both one-time and ongoing. With Must Have Maintenance, your gardening needs are fully met, liberating your weekends from the clutches of yard work. Book us today and say goodbye to sacrificing your leisure time.

Gardening Experts

Why We’re Huntingdale’s Premier Local Gardeners

Must Have Maintenance is known for top-tier local garden maintenance customised to your home and commercial garden. Our Huntingdale gardeners are expertly trained to conduct any garden care work with maximum efficiency. Here are more reasons our clients prefer us over the competition:


Exemplary gardening service

We’re renowned for our top-tier garden maintenance in Huntingdale. Our approach blends innovation with traditional care, ensuring each garden we tend is a showcase of excellence. We’re here to elevate your outdoor spaces to their highest potential, setting the standard in local gardening.


Proficient staff

Our team comprises gardening experts, each bringing a unique blend of skill and passion to their work. With these seasoned professionals on your corner, you can expect results that consistently satisfy and surprise. Their expertise is the cornerstone of our reputation as premier gardeners in Huntingdale.


Solid Reputation

Our strong reputation in Huntingdale has been cemented on trust and proven results. Clients value our reliability, attention to detail, and commitment to quality. This steadfast reputation is a testament to our consistent delivery of exceptional gardening services, making us the go-to experts in the community.

Our Service Process

Keeping your garden in excellent condition need not be a stressful task. Here are the five simple, no-fuss steps for Must Have Maintenance’s professionals to tend to your garden.

1. You Make a call

Begin by reaching out to our Huntingdale gardening team. Discuss your outdoor space and your needs during the call and we’ll listen closely.

2. We evaluate your garden and landscape

Our team will schedule a visit to your garden. We will personally inspect it to assess its overall health and condition. This visit is a thorough 90-minute session.

3. We design a plan for your garden

Our team will devise an effective strategy for enhancing your garden based on the lawn assessment’s outcomes. We will also suggest the best garden maintenance service options for your property.

4. Our team springs into action

Once you approve of our plan and quote, our professional gardeners will carry out the necessary services. We promise to work as efficiently as possible without disrupting your daily life or business operation.

5. We offer ongoing maintenance

Reach out to our Huntingdale gardeners for any assistance related to the garden care service you’ve chosen. We’re more than happy to help and also offer regular garden maintenance to keep your gardens in prime condition.

Regular Garden Maintenance

One-off or Regular Garden Maintenance

Must Have Maintenance presents a comprehensive suite of gardening services. Whether it’s a one-time garden cleanup or routine lawn mowing and maintenance, we are here for you. Reach out to us today to discover the options at your disposal.

One-Time or Regular Garden Maintenance

Must Have Maintenance provides a wide range of gardening solutions. From single-session garden makeovers to routine lawn mowing and upkeep, our services cater to all your needs. Contact us to discover the wide variety of gardening options we offer.

Regular Garden Maintenance

An Expansive Area of Services

We offer superior local gardening services in Huntingdale and across Melbourne’s eastern and south-eastern suburbs. We boast flexible solutions for all your garden and lawn care needs. Explore our diverse services:

Heidelberg Gardening

Trust Must Have Maintenance’s proficient local gardeners for all your Huntingdale lawn mowing and maintenance needs. Your yards will be nothing short of immaculate, devoid of clippings and other green waste.

Sharp, neat edges add an aesthetic appeal to your premises, making them look well-maintained and fresh. Our expert team can assist you craft stunning edges for an impressive visual presentation of your landscape.

Our professional pruning services will manage the growth of your garden plants and keep them in shape. Regular pruning not only gives your plants a pleasing look, but it also encourages robust and stable growth — ensuring your landscape stays attractive and healthy throughout the year.

Our comprehensive weed management services eliminate unwelcome weeds from your garden. We know the ins and outs of weed spraying and manual removal, ensuring your yards remain fresh, lush, and weed-free at all times.

Our Huntingdale garden maintenance is completed with efficient leaf blowing and vacuuming. Must Have Maintenance uses handheld blowers and top-quality vacuuming equipment to achieve the best results. These services add the perfect finishing touch to make your gardens look impeccable

Let our Must Have Maintenance garden experts aerate your garden beds and lawns and enhance the overall health of your soil. Aerating your lawns ensures your garden plants receive adequate ventilation and hydration, fostering their growth.

Incorporate fertilising and mulching in your garden maintenance plan to guarantee your plants receive adequate nutrition. Must Have Maintenance evaluates your garden soil first before applying the treatment, guaranteeing effective application and optimal results.

Have you been dreaming about setting up a garden but unsure of where to start? Our experienced gardeners can guide you build your garden and craft a management plan to ensure flourishing results.

Tree lopping can be physically demanding and, without the right tools and skills, potentially hazardous. When dealing with overgrown trees of up to 6 metres, the risk of hitting nearby structures or persons is high. Our gardeners can assist you with safe and efficient tree lopping, preserving the health of your trees and the safety of your property.

Experience the balance of visual appeal and nature’s touch with our Huntingdale soft landscaping services. With a careful selection of plants and design elements we can craft a peaceful, attractive outdoor retreat.

Transform your garden with our expert turf installation in Huntingdale. Our skilled team ensures flawless execution, providing a vibrant, green lawn that enhances both the beauty and utility of your outdoor area. Experience the difference with our professional touch.

We Work on Residential and Commercial Gardens

At Must Have Maintenance, we cater to the specific needs of residential and commercial gardens in Huntingdale. We also offer competitive pricing to assist homeowners and local businesses.

Achieve Garden Excellence

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