Are weeds taking over your gardens and lawns? If you’ve tried everything and your lawn weeds still won’t go away, call the experts at Must Have Maintenance. Our team provides effective weed removal and management treatment to eliminate unwanted lawn weeds and reduce the likelihood of them returning to your lawns.

Lawn Weed Spraying

Weeds lessen essential nutrients required by your garden plants to grow. If left untreated, they can also spread spores and diseases, which will harm your garden plants and lawn. To avoid further damage to your lawn, use weed spraying treatments to keep weeds at bay. Allow the experts at Must Have Maintenance to help you. Our team can assist you in removing unsightly common weeds and maintaining the beauty of your gardens.

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Why Choose Our Lawn Mowing and Weed Spraying Services

To control weed growth in your lawn, Must Have Maintenance offers spraying treatments with selective herbicides and pre-emergent herbicides. When you work with us to solve your weed problems, you can expect superior weed control service. We also have professionals on the team who can do lawn mowing and general lawn and garden maintenance in addition to weed spraying.


Professional weed control service

Must Have Maintenance goes above and beyond to deliver the results our clients expect. We help our customers get rid of common weeds in their lawn by providing professional weed control services. Our active weed identification and treatment has proven to be effective over the years.


Professional gardening experts

Our team is proud to have on staff professional gardening experts who can uphold our high standards. Our experts are prepared to handle any gardening services you require for your property, including weed removal and management. We can assist you in removing common weeds from your yard, such as couch grass and winter grass. You can be confident that your lawn will be neat, tidy, and weed-free with our assistance.


Professional reputation for commercial and home lawns

Our team has earned a professional reputation for commercial and residential lawns through our dedicated service and consistent performance. Our positive ratings and word-of-mouth referrals are a true testament to the hard-earned reputation we have built over time in the gardening industry.

Get Your Lawn Weeds Removed In 5 Simple Steps

With so many garden maintenance service providers in east Melbourne, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. Must Have Maintenance stands out from the rest. We can assist you with general garden care, including weed control and treatment. Here are our five simple, stress-free steps for getting rid of stubborn lawn weeds on your property:

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To keep your property neat and tidy, get in touch with our weed removal experts. Describe your lawn type and the types of weeds you see during the call. Our representative can go over all of your weed removal options with you.

Expect a visit from our weed removal team after you place the call. Our team will inspect your lawn to identify the extent of the weed infestation in your yard. We will also conduct a 90-minute assessment to determine the state of your lawn.

We will then discuss the results of your lawn assessment. We will also recommend the most effective weed removal strategy for your lawn based on the results. This plan will assist you in keeping your lawn neat and weed-free.

Our experts will then carry out the weed removal strategy as planned. Our professional gardeners will remove any weed infestation to prevent further yard damage. We work carefully to completely remove weeds while taking the best care of your landscape.

If you need any assistance, our team will be there to help. We provide ongoing weed control and lawn care maintenance to keep your yard neat and weed-free throughout the year.

Our Weed Control and Lawn Care Services

Must Have Maintenance ensures that your gardens and lawn are as clean and visually appealing as possible. Our weed removal service is available in addition to our standard garden and lawn care services to keep your lawn in pristine condition. Among our garden care services are:

Full garden clean and maintenance

Our team provides a full garden clean and maintenance service for a complete garden care experience. We can handle all of your lawn mowing needs, whether you have a large or small yard. Our one-time or ongoing maintenance options also ensure that your lawn looks great all year round.

Fertiliser and mulch

To improve the appearance of your landscape, include fertilising and mulching in your garden care and maintenance routine. Applying the appropriate fertiliser and mulch for your lawn type allows your garden plants to receive the nutrients they require.

Aerating garden beds

We recognise the importance of aerating garden beds and lawns for a great looking, lush landscape. Aeration of garden beds provide your soil with adequate hydration and ventilation necessary to keep your plants looking healthy and vibrant.

Weed spraying

Winter grass and couch grass are two common weeds that can make your garden plants struggle to survive. To get rid of weeds and keep garden plants from becoming entangled in their weed network, use our team’s effective weed spraying treatments.

Leaf blowing and vacuuming

Leaf blowing and vacuuming are the perfect finishing touches for any garden care and maintenance service. Our team uses specialised hand-held blowers and vacuuming tools to ensure that your lawns are immaculate at the end of each visit.

Hedge trimming

A well-kept hedge can completely upgrade any yard’s visual appeal. If you want your lawn to get that freshly manicured look, we can help. Our trimming specialists can keep your hedges neat, crisp and trimmed to perfection.

Pruning trees, bushes and shrubs

Your landscape’s trees, bushes, and shrubs can overgrow over time. Pruning overgrown garden plants in your landscape on a regular basis will help you manage them. Our team can prune your trees, bushes, and shrubs to their ideal shape, keeping your landscape looking beautiful and sleek.

Garden design plans

Are you a proud homeowner who wants to build a garden but doesn’t know where to start? We offer garden design planning services to help you create the perfect landscape. From deciding what to plant, how to plant them to building the right environment for your garden’s best growth, we can guide you through the ups and downs of garden care.

We Kill Weeds Using Selective Herbicides

Must Have Maintenance takes pride in our active weed identification and management, which keeps garden beds and lawns in great shape all year round. We also use selective herbicides to keep broadleaf weeds, winter grass, couch grass, and other common weeds in your yard from growing and spreading. Our selective herbicide solutions get rid of unwanted weeds without harming the entire landscape.

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Pre Emergent Herbicides and Fertilisers to Prevent Weed Seeds

Pre-emergent herbicides and fertilisers are common methods for preventing weed growth and spread in your gardens. You can use pre-emergent herbicides to kill stubborn weed networks and reduce their chances of regrowing and spreading in your landscape. You can also use specialised fertilisers to stop weed seeds from invading your lawns in the future. Our team can assist you in creating a neat, fresh, and weed-free landscape.

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Keep your lawns neat and weed-free to help them stay in pristine condition. To learn more, book a weed removal treatment, or get a free quote for the best weed spraying services in east Melbourne, get in touch with Must Have Maintenance today.

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