Do you need help with trimming your lawn edge to create a beautiful landscape? Allow the professionals at Must Have Maintenance to assist you. Our team provides a wide range of garden and lawn care services, including professional lawn edging for smaller yards or larger lawns. We can trim your overgrown edges into the style of your choice to achieve the visual appeal you desire for your garden.

Trimming Lawn Edges Services

To help you create the look you want for your yard, Must Have Maintenance offers a variety of lawn and garden care services. Our exceptional edging services will give your lawn a tidy, clean edge. Our edging specialists can give your yard a beautiful, well-kept appearance by trimming overgrown edges and preventing them from spreading around your walkways or flower beds.

trimming lawn edges services

Why Choose Must Have Maintenance To Edge Your Lawn

Must Have Maintenance strives for perfection. We have all the tools needed to trim a neat edge around your yard. Our skilled gardeners can make the perfect lawn edge for you with our power tools and manual approaches. When it comes to producing the best edging results, our expert services, knowledgeable gardeners, and solid industry reputation will be all you need to trim edges with precision.


Quality professional finish

Our team offers exceptional lawn edge trimming services that create a professional finish for your lawns. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to produce a precise, straight edge for the beautifully-manicured look you desire for your lawns.


Professional grass trimmers

We are proud to employ professional grass trimmers who are dedicated to delivering high-quality results. Our team can assist you in creating landscape edges that look well-kept and stunning by using a line trimmer, half moon edger, manual edger, long handled grass shears, power edger, and other edging tools.


Professional reputation

Since our founding, our team has worked diligently to establish a solid reputation for garden and lawn care. Our client base has since grown as a result of our high-quality gardening services.

Get Clean Edges In 5 Easy Steps

Must Have Maintenance’s expert team provides basic trimming services such as trimming lawn edges to give your yard a clean look. With our assistance, you can achieve a fresh, straight edge for your lawns with less effort and stress. Here are our five simple steps for creating a clean lawn edge:

edge trimming

First, contact our edging experts. Describe your yard spaces and landscape style to us during the call. Share the edging services you require with our staff, and we will lay out all of your edge trimming options for you.

Our team will then pay your lawn a visit. On this visit, we will check out your lawn and flower beds. Expect us also to conduct a 90-minute lawn assessment for us to identify the edge trimming needs of your property.

We will then go over the garden evaluation results with you. Based on the results, we will recommend a lawn edge trimming and garden maintenance strategy to help you improve the condition of your yard.

The lawn care strategy will then be carried out as planned by our expert trimmers. You can trust that we will trim edges and cut grass diligently and thoroughly, without invading your privacy or harming the landscape.

If you require assistance with our lawn edge trimming work, our team will be happy to help you. You can also take advantage of our ongoing lawn edging and garden maintenance services to keep your lawn edges clean and tidy all year round.

Keep Your Lawn Edges And Garden Space Clean With Our Services

Must Have Maintenance provides all-around solutions for any basic garden care work, as well as a variety of lawn maintenance options. Our comprehensive garden care and lawn maintenance services will keep your landscape and lawn edges neat and tidy. In addition to edge trimming, our team offers a variety of gardening services, such as:

Bush, shrub and tree pruning

Bushes, shrubs, and trees grow over time. Correct and frequent pruning is required to manage your plants’ overgrowth. This helps to keep them in shape and keeps your landscape looking clean and well-kept.

Leaf blowing and vacuuming

After you’ve finished all of your yard trimming and pruning, leaf blowing and vacuuming will be the best way to finish up your garden and lawn maintenance. We have all of the power tools needed to leave your lawn without clippings and trimmings after each visit.

Aerating garden beds

Aerating garden beds and lawns ensures that the soil in your garden is hydrated and ventilated. This preserves the soil’s integrity and allows vital nutrients to enter, promoting your plants’ steady and healthy growth.

Hedge trimming

Hedge trimming services can assist you in maintaining clean, even hedges in your landscaping. Crisp hedges can completely transform your garden by brightening it and making it appear more vibrant, elevating your lawn to a new level.


Destroy stubborn weed networks that crowd out your plants and make it difficult for them to survive. Our team uses pre-emergent herbicides and selective herbicide treatments. From hand weeding to weed spraying, we’ll make sure not to only eliminate weeds, but reduce the risk of them regrowing in the future.

Fertilising and mulching

To help your plants get the nutrients they need to grow, add fertilising and mulching to your garden maintenance list. We carefully match our fertilising and mulching treatments to your soil type to achieve better results for your plants.

Full garden clean up and maintenance

Get a complete garden clean up and maintenance for a complete and exceptional garden care experience. Our team offers a variety of gardening and lawn services that are guaranteed to keep larger lawns and smaller yards looking their best all year.

Tree lopping

Tree lopping can be a safety risk if not done properly with the right equipment. When felling overgrown branches and leaves, you can risk disrupting your landscaping, power lines, hitting vehicles and even occupants of your property. We have the right skills and equipment to carry out tree lopping safely for trees up to 6 metres.

We Cut Lawn Edges With Precision To Create A Beautiful Lawn

Must Have Maintenance provides full-service garden and lawn care solutions in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Our gardening care services are tailored to the specific needs of any lawn, large or small. We provide edging services and trim edges with delicate precision to create a beautiful lawn. With our superior gardening services, your lawn will easily become the talk of the town.

trimming lawn edges

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Precision hedge trimming will result in a stunning lawn that everyone will notice. Get in touch with us right away to find out more, to schedule our garden and lawn care service, or to get a quote for the best lawn edge trimming in Melbourne.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your lawn edges will look sharp, including those around your walkways, driveway, and garden beds, as we trim them every time we cut your lawn.
At Must Have Maintenance we focus on perfection. We have the right equipment to ensure that your lawn edges look neat and tidy. Edging prevents unwanted grass from spreading onto paved walkways and garden beds, and moreover, professionally cut edges give your lawn areas a manicured appearance.

Edging prevents unwanted grass from spreading onto paved walkways and garden beds. Moreover, professionally cut edges give your lawn areas a manicured appearance.

Lawn edges should have a 20-40 degree angle on them – to achieve this, we use a motorised edger that cuts a small gap between the grass and the area you are trying to separate from the turf. To avoid ‘crushing’ the edge, we recommend that you cut your lawn before trimming your edges.

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