Your hedges will look neat and tidy as we trim them into perfect shape. We also remove all cuttings.

Well trimmed hedges can totally transform the visual appeal of a property. That is why at Must Have Maintenance we focus on keeping you hedges well trimmed and shaped according to your preference.

Why is hedge trimming important?

Regular hedge trimming promotes dense and even foliage – this is great for the visual appeal of your gardens, not to mention the added health benefits.

When should hedges be trimmed?

Generally speaking, hedges are best trimmed right before they break dormancy in late winter/early spring. Privet (a common type of hedge) should be trimmed at least twice a year between May and August.

What is the correct hedge trimming technique?

The vertical sides of a hedge should be trimmed first, followed by the top of the hedge. When trimming the sides of the hedge, an upward and downward sweeping motion should be adopted. When trimming the top of the hedge, the blade should be angled at around 10 degrees to the horizontal and a horizontal scything motion should be adopted to sweep cut material off the hedge.

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