Do you have any bare or thinning patches in your lawn? It could be time to install new turf. If you want those patches covered or a new lawn installed, get the job done with Melbourne’s leading turf and lawn installation provider. With the help of our lawn installation professionals, you can restore your yard space to its full and lush condition in no time.

New Lawn Installation Services in Melbourne

Since launching a variety of garden care services in 2018, Must Have Maintenance has upheld its promise to produce the best results. We’ve grown into our reputation, becoming Melbourne’s leading provider of lawn care and garden maintenance. Our clients rely on us for various lawn and garden care services, including our new lawn laying services for Melbourne homes and commercial spaces.

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Why Choose Us To Get Your Lawn Installed

Must Have Maintenance is known for providing a high-quality lawn installation that lasts. Our years of experience in the garden and lawn care industry have given us the expertise to satisfy our clients with the best results possible. With our quality service, talented landscaping specialists, and unrivaled reputation, you can rest assured that your new turf installation is in good hands.


Quality fresh lawn installation services

At Must Have Maintenance, we provide quality service worthy of our clients’ confidence and trust. When our services are required, we ensure that the work is completed on time. We guarantee quality fresh lawn installation services to meet your specific needs.


Quality landscaping specialists

Our team is made up of skilled landscape specialists who can create your desired landscape design. Our gardeners are skilled at working with a variety of grasses, including couch, buffalo, and soft leaf buffalo grasses.


Quality reputation among Melbourne homeowners and businesses

When it comes to installing new turf for lawns, Melbourne residents and businesses rely on our skilled team. Our customers can count on us to deliver the necessary new lawn design on time with the highest quality results.

Our Lawn Installation Melbourne Process

Installing a new lawn shouldn’t be complicated. Must Have maintenance are experts in laying lawn on residential and commercial properties. Our new lawn installation service allows you to personalise your landscape design, while giving you regular lawn care to meet your maintenance needs. Here’s how we do it:

New Lawn Installation Melbourne

Speak with one of our supportive staff. While on the phone, tell our representative about your yard and the improvements you want to make. Our garden specialist will gladly assist you in determining the best new lawn installation option for you.

After you call, you can expect our garden specialists to come to your commercial or residential garden space. The initial visit, which includes a standard garden or lawn area evaluation, usually lasts 90 minutes.

We will advise you on the ideal turf laying strategy or new installation technique. To guarantee you get the results you want, feel free to offer some of your ideas and suggestions.

The agreed upon proposal is then carried out by our garden specialists. We’ll make sure to complete our work in the scheduled timeline we have set for the project.

Following the installation of new turf or a new lawn, we provide our clients with ongoing maintenance and support. If you have any questions or concerns about your new turf or lawn installation, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Expert Lawn Installation and Landscaping Services in Melbourne

Refresh your outdoor spaces with Must Have Maintenance’s superior landscaping and lawn care services. Installing turf and a lawn is simple and hassle-free with the help of our garden professionals. Whether you’ve got a small garden or larger backyards at your property, our gardening and landscaping services can meet all your maintenance needs:

Turf laying services

Turf and lawn installation does not have to be time-consuming or stressful. Our garden specialists can install turf that complements your lawn. They can also install a new lawn for you based on your landscape design and preferences.

Aerating garden beds

Aerate your garden beds in order to allow key elements to freely enter your landscaping soil. Must Have Maintenance offers a range of aerating garden techniques that are suitable for your garden and soil type.

Pruning of trees, shrubs, and bushes

Pruning your trees, shrubs, and bushes will help you maintain your landscape design. Your landscape plants will stay in great shape with regular, proper pruning. Additionally, this also contributes to their consistent and strong growth.

Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing is considered basic lawn maintenance, but it has huge advantages. For one thing, mowing your lawn keeps your landscape grass looking neat and adds to their visual appeal. More importantly, this lawn care step prevents weed growth.


Must Have Maintenance offers hedge trimming services to help your hedges look their best while staying in shape. We also provide edge trimming services to keep the grass in your yard well kept and to prevent it from spilling over into your pavers.


Weeds deprive your garden plants of vital nutrients they should be receiving. To prevent this, allow our garden specialists to remove unwanted weeds from your lawns using our safe weed spraying and treatment method.

Pest control

Make sure your lawns are pest-free to keep your plants healthy. Spraying treatments is one method of removing yard pests, but herbicides must be used with caution. At Must Have Maintenance, we only use weed spraying treatments that are gentle on your garden plants.

Fertilising and mulching

Regular fertilising and mulching will improve the overall health of your landscape plants. To achieve the best results, we can make sure that the fertilisers you use are effective for your garden and soil type. Afterwards, we’ll go the extra mile by laying mulch to enrich your plants’ nutrient intake.

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