Discover the exceptional quality of aged care gardening services offered by Must Have Maintenance in Melbourne. Catering specifically to the nuanced needs of aged care facilities, we ensure a welcoming, safe, and meticulously maintained outdoor environment for the enjoyment and well-being of all residents. Contact us today.

The Best Aged Care Gardening Services in Melbourne

When it comes to gardening for aged care properties, a unique set of skills and understanding is required. At Must Have Maintenance, we combine our professional gardening expertise with a friendly, engaging approach.

Our team in Melbourne are not only garden care experts, but are also trained to understand the special requirements of aged care residents. We create serene, safe, and accessible outdoor spaces that are therapeutic and enjoyable.

With us, you get more than just a gardening service — but a comprehensive solution that enhances the lives of your residents while reducing the load for your staff.

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Why We’re Melbourne’s Choice for Aged Care Gardening Services

We offer premier aged care gardening services, customised to meet the unique requirements of your aged care facility. Our expert gardeners in Melbourne are equipped with specialised skills to conduct any garden care tasks efficiently.


Exceptional Garden Care Services

At Must Have Maintenance, our foremost priority is to deliver superior quality gardening for aged care facilities. We guarantee our lawn maintenance work meets professional standards, striving to provide top-notch service for the best results.


Expert Team

Our pride lies in our team of seasoned gardeners. Their combined expertise and industry experience will help you realise your landscape’s potential. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your aged care facility’s outdoor spaces are in professional hands.


Solid Reputation

In Melbourne, aged care facilities count on Must Have Maintenance for dependable garden maintenance and lawn care. Our consistency in delivering high-quality garden care services has helped us earn our esteemed reputation as the leading provider of aged care gardening services.

Our 5-Step Service Process

Maintaining your garden to an excellent standard doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are our five simple steps for providing your garden with the expert care it needs.

1.Give us a Call

Begin by contacting our Melbourne gardening team. Discuss the unique needs of your outdoor space during this call.

2. We assess your garden

Our team will organise a visit to your facility. We will carry out a comprehensive 90-minute garden assessment to evaluate the overall health and condition of your lawns.

3. We plan for your garden’s transformation

Based on the results of the assessment, we’ll create a strategic plan to enhance your garden. Our team will recommend the most suitable aged care gardening services for your property.

4. We get to work

Our professional gardeners will perform the necessary lawn gardening services, ensuring minimum disruption to your facility. We ensure utmost care while working on your premises.

5. We offer ongoing maintenance

We’re always happy to assist and offer regular garden maintenance to keep your facility’s outdoor spaces in prime condition.

Single or Regular Garden Maintenance

Must Have Maintenance offers a comprehensive range of aged care gardening services. Whether you require a one-time garden cleanup or regular lawn mowing and maintenance, we’re here for you. Reach out to us today to explore your options.

Diverse Range of Services

We provide superior aged care gardening services in Melbourne and across its eastern and south-eastern suburbs. We have flexible solutions to cater to all your garden and lawn care needs. Here are some of the services we provide:

Must Have Maintenance Pty Ltd

Trust Must Have Maintenance’s skilled gardeners for all your lawn mowing and maintenance needs. We’ll leave your grounds pristine, free of grass clippings and green waste — your gardens will be in excellent shape after our visit.

Sharp, tidy edges add a visual charm to your gardens, making them appear well-cared-for. Our team of experts can help you create stunning edges for a striking presentation of your landscape.

Our professional pruning services will manage your garden plants’ growth and keep them in shape. Regular pruning not only gives your plants an attractive shape but also promotes strong and steady growth, ensuring your landscape remains appealing and healthy all year round.

Our thorough weed management services eliminate unwanted weeds from your garden. We are proficient in weed spraying and manual removal, ensuring your grounds remain vibrant, lush, and weed-free at all times.

Complete your garden maintenance experience with our effective leaf blowing and vacuuming services. Must Have Maintenance uses handheld blowers and top-quality vacuuming equipment for the best results.

Our leaf blowing and vacuuming services provide the perfect finishing touch to make your gardens look impeccable.

Allow our Must Have Maintenance garden experts to aerate your garden beds and lawns, enhancing the overall health and condition of your soil. Aerating your lawns ensures your garden plants receive enough ventilation and hydration, fostering their growth.

Include fertilising and mulching in your garden maintenance plan to ensure your garden plants get enough nutrition. Must Have Maintenance evaluates your garden soil before applying the treatment, ensuring effective application and optimal results.

Must Have Maintenance offers specialised Aged Care Garden Maintenance services in Melbourne, ensuring safe and beautiful outdoor spaces for seniors. Our dedicated team provides regular garden maintenance tailored to the needs of aged care facilities, promoting well-being and enjoyment for residents.

Tree lopping can be challenging and potentially hazardous without the right tools and skills. When dealing with overgrown trees of up to 6 metres, the risk of hitting nearby structures or persons is high. Our gardeners can assist you with safe and efficient tree lopping, preserving the health of your trees and the safety of your property.

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