Your property will be free from pests and diseases as we spray non-toxic and natural pesticides and fungicides on plants that appear under attack.

The team at Must Have Maintenance are trained and experienced in spotting pests and diseases, and in saying that, we will do our very best to remove the issue without negatively impacting on the health and integrity of your overall garden. We also take a proactive approach; whereby we try to prevent pests and diseases from ever becoming an issue in the first place. To achieve this we:

  • Pull out weak and dying plants
  • Try to build up healthy, organic soil
  • Minimise insect habitat
  • Keep foliage dry
  • And most importantly…we disinfect our equipment before each use

Why is pest and disease control important?

Plants, like humans, are subject to disease and illness. Left untreated, the consequences can get serious. In saying that, healthy and vigorous plants are much more resistant to disease, so it is important to keep on top of pests and diseases should they present, and also be proactive when it comes to promoting a healthy growing environment.

What to be mindful of when treating pests and diseases?

All gardens are teaming with insect life. Yet, very few of the species you see in your backyard are damaging, so it is important to assess the situation before spraying all kinds of harmful chemicals to eradicate the problem – broad-spectrum insecticides kill all insects, both good and bad.

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