Please read the following Terms of Service carefully. In accepting services provided by Must Have Maintenance you accept the following Terms of Service.

Customer Satisfaction

Our business is built around our customers, and for that reason, if you are not completely satisfied with any part of our service, it is vital that you contact us immediately so that we can rectify the issue promptly.

Confidentiality of Information

All information collected by Must Have Maintenance is stored in a secure manner and not distributed to a third party without your consent.


To give our customers peace of mind, we hold a comprehensive insurance policy through CGU Insurance. This policy covers third party property damage of up to $20 million.

Our Services

Under our set price package, we will attend your property either every 2 or 4 weeks and complete a range of services on your lawn and gardens. These services include; lawn mowing, edge trimming, pruning of trees, bushes, and shrubs, hedge trimming, weed removal, aeration of garden beds and lawn areas, laying of mulch, fertilising, pest and disease control, hand watering, leaf blowing and vacuuming, removal of all grass and garden trimmings.

Additional Services

We will periodically review your property and provide you with suggestions that could further enhance the visual appeal of your gardens and also increase the value of your property. This may include additional planting and/or incorporating visual structures/ornaments into your property. Although these additional services are not directly included in our comprehensive offering, we will search for the best price so that you get maximum results at the right price.

Service Days

You may nominate a specific day of the week that you would like us to attend your property, however, we recommend that this be a standing arrangement. If you have a specific event that you would like us to complete the service before, please advise us as early as possible to allow us adequate time to accommodate your needs.

Property Access

If you lock your gate, we recommend that you provide us with a key or the combination so that we can gain easy access to your lawn and gardens. In saying that, we will securely store your key and combination.


We love pets but unfortunately, they don’t love lawn mowers. For that reason, we recommend that your pets be secured during our visit. Please let us know if you have pets and if you would like us to secure them during our visit.

Lawn Debris

We ask that our customers remove all debris and items from their lawn areas prior to our visit, including toys, pet droppings, rocks or any other foreign object. These items may cause damage and/or serious injury to a person if they are struck by the blades of a lawn mower.

Weather and Other Contingencies

We may still attend your property even if it is wet or raining, and we generally mow in light rain. In the event that we are unable to attend your property due to significant wet weather or other contingencies, we will either cancel the visit at no charge or reschedule the visit to the next available day.

Public Holidays

Unfortunately, we do not work on public holidays; we encourage our staff to enjoy these days with friends and family. In the event that your scheduled service day falls on a public holiday then we will re-schedule the visit for the next available day or cancel the visit without charge.

Service Fee

We have a fixed pricing structure that is based on the time we allocate to your site. This eliminates any cost uncertainty that is often associated with lawn and garden maintenance services. Therefore, with our service, you will not be surprised by any hidden or unexpected costs, but rather your property will look in excellent condition for a price that is agreed to before we start. In the event that we need to increase our service fee, we will advise you 4 weeks prior to the change and also provide a full explanation as to why we need to make the change.

Our service fee includes GST.

Payment Methods and Terms

As standard, we offer our customers a direct debit payment facility, which takes the hassle out of needing to make individual manual payments. We automatically charge the nominated card the service fee following our visit. We do not charge additional fees for payments made through reward credit cards such as American Express. Direct bank transfer, cheques, money orders, and cash are only accepted for prepayments.

Late Payments

As standard, we provide our customers with 5 day payment terms. In the event that an invoice falls due by more than 3 business days then it may incur a 10% administration charge.

Service Fee Discounts

For customers who opt to prepay for our service, we provide them with a 5% discount if they prepay for 6 months, and a 10% discount if the prepay for 12 months. Pensioners and Veterans also receive a 5% discount, with a maximum discount offered of 10%.

Tax Deductibility of Our Services

Our services may be tax deductible; however, we recommend that you consult with an accountant regarding your own set of circumstances.

Rescheduling/ Canceling Visits

In the event that you need to reschedule or cancel a visit we ask that you provide us with 2 business days notice so that we have the opportunity to fill the calendar gap created. Late cancellations (within 2 business days of the scheduled visit) may incur a 50% late cancellation fee.

Service Cancellation

Despite the ongoing nature of our services, we do not lock you into a contract. Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied with our services then you can discontinue at any time. Once we are advised that you wish to cancel our service, we will immediately cease payments.

Property Damage

Our team are highly skilled in the work they do and undertake services with due care and diligence to avoid potential accidents. However, in the event that damage does occur as a result of our services we will notify you immediately. Alternatively, if you notice any damage that may have resulted from our services we ask that you contact us immediately, prior to cleaning it up or interfering with the area – that way, we will be able to conduct a thorough investigation of the damage and make the appropriate claim through our insurance policy if need be.

Effective: April 2022

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