Are you looking for friendly and affordable lawn mowing services in Balwyn? Then talk to the team at Must Have Maintenance. We provide complete garden services and lawn maintenance to homes in Balwyn and across Melbourne’s eastern and southeastern surrounding suburbs.

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Whether you’re looking for a one-off gardening cleanup to pull the yard into order or regular ongoing lawn maintenance services, we can help. We come fully equipped and handle each job efficiently. We always deliver top-shelf customer service and make sure to leave your property in pristine condition. Whatever gardening services you need, you can trust the team at Must Have Maintenance.

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Why Choose Must Have Maintenance

At Must Have Maintenance, we prioritise quality service. Our high-quality garden maintenance services can keep your yard looking its best. Our local gardeners are also fully trained to handle various aspects of garden care from trimming, weeding, mowing, re-planting to fertilising.


Quality garden maintenance services

Our team offers a wide range of high-quality garden maintenance services that focus on meeting our clients’ needs. We go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the lawn maintenance service that you require for your property.


Quality staff

Must Have Maintenance completes lawn maintenance work with skilled gardeners on our team. Our staff also works promptly and efficiently while providing your yard the best possible care, ensuring your space is always left tidy with our leaf clean ups and green waste removal.


Quality reputation

Our brand is a popular choice for garden maintenance among Balwyn residents and businesses for a good reason. Over the years, we have steadily delivered on our promise of providing premier garden maintenance services while maintaining our clients’ trust. When it comes to lawn maintenance, our customers know they can count on us to deliver consistent results that live up to our brand’s reputation.

Complete Gardening 5 Simple Steps

Must Have Maintenance’s gardening services enable you to provide your commercial and residential gardens with the appropriate care and upkeep. Here are our five simple and hassle-free steps for completing outstanding gardening work on your property.

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Get in touch with our garden maintenance team to get your lawn work started. During the call, tell us about your garden and the gardening services that you require. Our staff will then recommend the best garden upkeep and cleaning solutions for your outdoor space.

We will evaluate your current garden and landscaping. We perform a 90-minute lawn evaluation to determine the best garden cleaning and maintenance service for your yard space.

The team then shares our insights from the garden assessment on your property. From there, we’ll propose a garden cleaning and maintenance strategy that will keep your outdoor space looking its best.

We will then get to work on providing you with the necessary gardening maintenance service. Our expert gardeners will work on your outdoor spaces at times that are most convenient for you, minimising disruption and downtime so you can stick to your schedule.

You can rely on our experts to help you if you have any concerns about our gardening services. To give you the most beautiful and well-kept yard spaces, we also provide ongoing and regular garden maintenance.

One Time Service or Ongoing

Flexible and reliable, Must Have Maintenance provides versatile garden maintenance solutions. We can help with one-time garden clean-ups as well as ongoing and regular lawn mowing and gardening services. We leave the choice completely up to you.

Save Time With Our Professional Garden Maintenance Services

You don’t have to worry about not having enough time to maintain your garden. Must Have Maintenance can assist you in completing the job. In addition to handling all of your lawn needs, we also provide complete garden maintenance and garden clean up services to homes throughout Balwyn. Our professional garden maintenance services include the following:

Lawn mowing and maintenance

Our team will take care of all your lawn mowing requirements. Whether you have a big or small yard, we will ensure your lawn is perfectly manicured and looking great. We professionally mow the grass, bag and remove all the lawn clippings to leave your lawns looking pristine.

Edge trimming

We also provide edge trimming for clean, uniform yard area edges. With the help of our regular edge trimming services, your front and backyard gardens will look neat, tidy, and well-maintained all year long.

Pruning trees, bushes, shrubs and hedges

Proper and regular pruning effectively keeps garden plants in good shape and promotes their strong growth. With our services for pruning trees, bushes, shrubs, and hedges, you can manage and control your plants throughout the year.


Weed growth, if left uncontrolled, can have a negative impact on the growth and overall health of your garden plants. Weeds also detract from giving your garden beds the visual appeal you desire. That is why it is essential to have active hand weeding and weed spraying treatment in place to keep your yards looking their best.

Leaf blowing and vacuuming

For the finishing touches on your superb gardening experience, Must Have Maintenance provides professional blowing and vacuuming services. Our garden professionals always leave your walkways looking pristine and immaculate by their skillful leaf blowing and vacuuming work at the end of each visit.

Aerating garden beds and lawns

We understand the importance of aerating your garden beds and lawn areas at Must Have Maintenance. Allow us to assist you in aerating your garden soil so that sufficient oxygen, water, and nutrients penetrate smoothly into your plants’ roots, enabling their healthy and stable growth.

Fertilising and mulching

Our expert gardeners carefully assess the overall condition of your soil before introducing fertilising and mulching treatments. After determining the best treatments, we apply fertilisers and lay mulch that is appropriate for your garden and soil type.

Green waste removal

If you don’t rake up and throw out old leaves and debris, you’ll be fostering insects, pests and diseases. From unpleasant odours to health hazards, the old plant material can risk the growth of fungal spores, which may infect fresh new plants. We can remove the green waste from your garden to ensure this does not happen.

Garden design plans

Are you an aspiring gardener but don’t know where to start? Our team can guide you on designing your garden space, and planning what to plant and how to best care for your growths.

Why Get Ongoing Maintenance

Must Have Maintenance provides affordable lawn mowing and gardening services to residents of Balwyn and its surrounding suburbs. We also offer ongoing service discounts and special rates for pensioners. Use our ongoing garden maintenance to keep your garden looking stunning and beautiful all year round.

Must Have Maintenance Pty Ltd

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