Your lawn will look in perfect condition as we keep it well trimmed. We also collect and dispose of all grass cuttings.

A well maintained lawn area can transform the visual appeal of your property. Whether it be a small patch of turf or a complete backyard of lawn, we pride ourselves in keeping your lawn maintained throughout the year.

How often should your lawn be mowed?

Most people cut their lawn too short and too infrequently, however, keeping your lawn lush, healthy and in perfect condition requires ongoing care. Frequently mowing your lawn not only enhances the direct visual appeal of your lawn areas, but it also prevents further weed growth within your lawn by cutting weeds down before they are able to grow more seed heads or reproduce.

What is the correct mowing technique?

Simple techniques should be applied when mowing your lawn. For example, try to avoid mowing in the same direction as this will cause the soil to become compacted and result in uneven grass lean – instead, break up your cutting pattern by mowing left to right, up and down, anti-clockwise and clockwise. As well, try to avoid ‘shocking’ your grass by only trimming one-third of the blade at any given time.

How often should you water your lawn?

Just like other parts of your garden, it is important that your lawn be watered. In saying that, we recommend less frequent deep watering as it will promote a stronger root system.

How often should you feed your lawn?

Feeding your lawn the appropriate fertilizer will ensure that it remains in peak condition throughout the year. We recommend feeding your lawn in the warmer months of the year; when it is actively growing.

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