Is your Richmond garden not good enough? Do you desire to have a beautiful outside part of your house that is full of vibrant colors? We understand very well the frustration that comes with unkempt lawns, neglected landscapes, and wild vegetation.

Don’t worry! You can get out of the vicious gardening circle by making use of the professional gardening services from Must Have Maintenance.

Regular landscapes are transformed into wonderful outdoor sanctuaries at Must Have Maintenance. For residents of Richmond or Port Melbourne, our staff is equipped for all kinds of landscaping needs. Soft landscaping, turf installation, mowing lawns, and garden maintenance are some of the services we offer.

Gardening Services in Richmond

We pride ourselves on taking care of individual gardens’ specific requirements with respect to gardening in Richmond. Year-round proper care for plants is known by our experienced gardeners as being very important.

Whether you just need occasional touch-ups or routine maintenance, we will keep up your landscape looking its best.


Garden Maintenance in Richmond

Do away with garden maintenance headaches through our all-inclusive gardening management programs. We offer fertilising, weed control among other services such as pruning. This meticulous attention to detail is why we ensure that your garden remains flawless throughout the year.


Lawn Mowing in Richmond

A neatly trimmed lawn will greatly boost the outlook of your home. What we aim to do at Richmond Lawn Mowing service is leave you with a beautiful well-kept lawn you can be proud about owning. Our team ensures that it looks great whether it requires regular mowing or just some occasional trimming.


Soft Landscaping in Richmond

Are you trying to give your outdoor area a hint of elegance and beauty? Then you should definitely try our soft landscaping. From plant selection and placement right up to mulching and decorative accents, let us work together towards creating an amazing landscape that highlights your home’s appearance and reflects your personality.


Turf Installation in Richmond

When you can no longer stand looking at uneven, patchy grass, it’s time to think about installing turf. A beautiful lawn that is ideal for outdoor parties and gatherings can be created by our professional grass installers. We do it so that without the difficulties of seeding or waiting for the growth, which might take some time; you will have a beautiful lawn to enjoy thanks to our expertise and carefulness.

Why Choose Must Have Maintenance?

Do you get tired of spending your weekends fighting overgrown lawns and weeds? It’s so tough juggling all these things with taking care of your beautiful garden at home. This is why we offer this simple but effective solution.

Gardener in Richmond

Our team is made up of gardeners who are experienced and passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces.

As such we provide customised services to cater for each garden’s unique specifications and tastes.

To achieve great results with accuracy and care, while maintaining high standards in terms of quality – this is what we strive for.

We want you to be happy and so we always go the extra mile to ensure that our service meets or, indeed, surpasses your expectations in all ramifications.

Count on us for dependable scheduling, effective communication channels and services you can trust.

Ready to Transform Your Richmond Garden into a Breathtaking Oasis?

Our team of knowledgeable gardeners is enthusiastic about making your outside area come to life. From standard upkeep to specialty landscaping jobs, we have the know-how and commitment to go above and beyond your expectations. To arrange your consultation and start down the path to a picture-perfect garden, get in touch with us right now.

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